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Feedback with Hardware/Setup/MR Environment

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Just got the public push of the creators update, so decided to set up our Acer MR Headset.
Lots of feedback;

Hardware -

  • ACER HMD cable is too taught to easily be able to adjust the headset
  • ACER HMD cable is way too short for any meaningful room scale experience. We have a 3x4m VR room and the headset cables only allows for basically standing in that.
  • SLAM tracking doesn't work. We kept losing tracking. We have a very clean VR space, free of clutter. We have cream floors, walls and ceilings with nothing on the walls. I wasn't suprised to find that the device keeps losing tracking and generally the tracking is wobbly.
  • Had optics issues - pupil swim and bad distortion on the edges of the lens.

Initial Setup -

  • The initial setup is very unclear on where you need to hold the headset in order to set up your space. The floor ended up being about 50cm off.
  • Most people guess their height wrong. This shouldn't be a requirement at all.
  • We pass the headset around, which leads me as a user to believe we have to re-setup every time we pass it on as the initial setup asked for a user height.
  • Sometimes I just want a nice clean square for a tracked space, or a circle, not the wriggly line mess I ended up with. It's distracting.

What ever the Home app is called -

  • That's the first problem. Every app is forgettable if you stick 'holo' or 'mixed reality' in front of it. I'm taking about the Home space you end up in after the initial setup.
  • There are no subtitles for the tutorial. I guess tough if you are deaf or hard of hearing!
  • Why is my mouse control stolen by the app?? It means someone can't be wearing the headset at the same time as I'm using the desktop to make notes or interact with an app. It also makes it really impossible to close the app. I had to remember my keyboard commands to kill the app to get my mouse back!
  • None of my voice commands did anything. I would see it pop up to suggest it's heard me, but the app did nothing about it.
  • Do NOT call putting 3D objects into a scene a Hologram. It is not. Hologram has a very exact meaning already. This is especially the case when you're entirely in VR anyway.
  • I couldn't figure out the controls to do anything remotely useful. I could teleport and that's it. The most annoying was having to turn my actual body around to look behind me - while being expected to still use my desktop keyboard to type. This is a big miss match.
  • Toggling preview switched the desktop view between a black image and a blurry one. Never once previewed.
  • Do not assume just because I have picked up the headset it means I am wearing it. Again, most noticeable when my mouse kept being stolen!
  • Allow the feedback app to be accessible, online, from any device - you stole my mouse, so I try and use my phone to send feedback. Found this forum instead, but can't get to the feedback app unless in VR - that's ridiculous.


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    Another issue - as a dyslexic user I really need to be able to see my keyboard. I could not see a way to enter text into the Home experience without me taking off the HMD, type a letter, check it in the HMD, take it off, type the next. A sentence took me 10 minutes and I gave up. Either have a good in-experience keyboard or use the cameras at the front to enable me to view my keyboard as per the Vive camera.

    I was also sitting down at the time, and couldn't see how to turn to view windows behind me other than using my own body. Doesn't work on a chair, and remember that not everyone can do that.

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    You dont have to turn your body around... If you teleport you use the right mouse button, but before you release the button you can adjust your angle with the mouse wheel.

    About the Video pass-through Thing... that will never be possible with this Headsets... The camera in the front are Fisheye cameras that are facing slighty downwards and a bit to the side... They are meant to do tracking... Nothing else.
    The Keyboard Problem is a big one though... I have the same Problem too... I solved it by having a web cam facing my Keyboard and I can see it through the camera app in the VR world...
    It is just a temp solution though.

    Also ... The Feedback app can be accessed anytime... There is no Limitation where and when to use it.

  • "Ensure you have the immersive headset connected to your PC.
    Launch Feedback Hub on desktop with the HMD connected."
    The phone I am trying to leave feedback on does not have Windows or HMD support. Links to the feedback hub online only say where to open it within Win10.

    I'm using a laptop with the HMD, so the webcam is built in, bit more awkward there and ultimately isn't really practical. I was expecting something like a VR keyboard - there's enough of them around now.

    I didn't know about the mouse wheel, shame I was on a laptop touch pad so don't have one!

  • MattZMattZ admin
    edited October 2017

    Hey Katie! Thanks for all your feedback! In reviewing what you wrote, most of your feedback has actually been addressed over the last several months as we pushed out early Windows 10 Fall Creators Update builds. That's the first Windows release to officially support Windows Mixed Reality immersive headsets and motion controllers. My hunch, based on your feedback, is that you didn't come across our Immersive headset setup or Install the tools articles on Dev Center and so probably aren't running the most recent Windows 10 Fall Creators Update preview build. If my hunch is correct, you could still be on the older (but publicly current) Windows 10 Creators Update. One way you can check is by typing "winver" into search on the taskbar and see if it's 16299 (which is what you'd want to be on). If it's a lower number than that, and you weren't taking Insider Preview builds on the Fast ring, you'll hopefully be pleasantly surprised with the quality and features of Windows Mixed Reality on October 17 when the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update officially lands :smile:

    For example, you don't enter your height anymore (floor is automatic), setup has subtitles (edit: on-screen text in the UI that closely matches the VO, though not _technically _subtitles), there's a virtual keyboard, tracking is vastly improved, etc.

    @Fat_Bastard is right that you can rotate your view with the mouse or using the analog stick on the motion controllers.

    With regards to your feedback on giving feedback (very meta), we do encourage you to use the Feedback app on the same PC you're using to run Windows Mixed Reality. This is because we can get data about the error you encountered, beyond just your verbatim feedback, that helps us really hone in on the issue/what you encountered.

    Hope this helps,

  • @MattZ - So you seems to know a lot about the Mixed Reality Stuff... I assume you are a member of the Dev Team :smile: ... Maybe you can help me, because my question is still not answered until now. -> If I am wearing my HP Headset, the Mixed Reality Portal only shows a static "blurry" image instead of what I see in the Headset. Is this a normal behaviour? Is my GPU too slow? What should I do to change this? My Graphics Card is a Nvidia 1050 TI. Btw... I have 60 frame on these instead of the 90 I should have.

  • @Fat_Bastard need to confirm the same thing I was asking Katie above - run winver and tell me what version of Windows you're on, and confirm you've run Windows Update and pulled down all of the most recent headset firmware/drivers. The most up-to-date version of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (16299.15) doesn't automatically mirror your view in Mixed Reality Portal - you'd have to manually turn that on.

  • Winver

    This is how my Portal looks like if I have the headset on

    So... How do I turn on mirroring of the portal? :)

    This is my device portal

    How can I get this to 90Hz?

  • @Mattz - I got the solution now... It is due to my 6 six core Bulldozer CPU... I need at least 4 physical cores... The six core has only 3.

  • @Fat_Bastard glad you found the answer. It's true that only Ultra-compatible PCs support mirroring, and a PC has to meet all of the Ultra qualifications as far as I understand.

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