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I followed a hololence tutorial but I cant see any cube

I run the application in the emulator, I do not see the cube. All I see is a very small white dot in the middle of the view. The dot seems to move as I press the arrow keys on my keyboard and then it snaps back to the middle.

I am using VS 2017 version 15.3. I have the Windows 10 SDK v10.0.14393.795 and WIndows 10 SDK v10.0.15063.468 installed along with their respective Mobile Emulator for Windows 10. I have the HoloLens Holographic Emulator and templates v10.0.14393.1358 installed.

I am using Unity 2017.2.0b7 because of issues with 2017.1 and VS 2017.

I have followed the Holograms 100 process and I can see the cube in the Game view. I even added a material to the project and placed it on the cube to color it red. The cube Transform is as follows;

Position: x:0, Y:0, Z:2
Rotation: X:45, Y:45, Z:45
Scale: X:.25, Y:.25, Z:.25

I even tried setting scale back to 1 for x, y and z.

The solution builds in VS2017 with no errors or warnings. The project loads in the emulator with no errors or warnings.


  • james_ashleyjames_ashley ✭✭✭✭


    That's pretty odd. It sounds like the Z for your cube is getting set extremely high in code somewhere. Can you drop another plain object in the scene with no scripts attached and see if it does the same thing?


    James Ashley
    VS 2017 v5.3.3, Unity 2017.3.0f3, MRTK 2017.1.2, W10 17063
    Microsoft MVP, Freelance HoloLens/MR Developer

  • According to your image the cube is at 0,0,7

    AR Developer

  • That's because of Visual Studio debugging. Run it without Debug.

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