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Uploading Spatial Anchors to Azure Server using Holotoolkit scripts takes over a minute

I'm trying to use the Holotookit's SharingWorldAnchorManager.cs to upload a world anchor to my server so that I can create a synced experience within the same local space.

I've put this script on the parent object of all our holograms so that the local space within the parent object that is holding the spatial anchor can be synced between devices

When I use SharingService.exe on my local machine, the world anchor byte array is uploaded under 10 seconds, regardless of the byte array size.

Using the Azure server, the spatial anchor uploads quickly when the byte array is < 2mb, but anything over that and the upload takes exponentially longer, sometimes timing out over 5 minutes.

However, one I have an anchor uploaded to the sharing service on Azure, downloading it on other devices is done quickly, also regardless of anchor size.

My internet connection is strong, with an upload speed of around 11Mbps. I'm pretty new to working with servers, is there something I need to configure on the server side or in my code to get my spatial anchor up there more quickly?

I'm happy to post as much information as is needed to help solve the problem.

I've already limited the maximum worldAnchorTransferBatch size to 8mb, and I re-create the anchor if one is made that's any bigger than the maximum size.

Would be happy for any insights.


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