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Second try - Non VR Screens in unity

edited October 2017 in Q&A and Discussions

Our project has Non-VR UI screens and In our app (unity based ), while the player is using the headset we also display interactive screens on the PC display but in Mixed reality, it only shows the Mixed reality portal.

Any ides?



  • You have to rephrase your question.. I read your other thread and I did not understand what you want... In this thread also I still don't get what you want.

    • Is it about the Device Portal not showing what you see in the headset (mirroring)?
    • Is it about a second app showing stuff that is connected to what you see in the headset?
    • Is it about having interactive screens in mixed reality?
    • Is it about stuff that is shown in the mixed reality portal, but invisible to the player?
    • Is it about stuff that is shown to the player, but invisible in the mixed reality portal?
  • Thanks for replying

    The entire app runs on unity and changes according to the sequence from UI on the PC monitor to a VR "spectator view".

    It's a medical app so the patient is in VR while the doctor operates the software.

    while the doctor is adjusting the DATA on the PC screen the patient is in VR ( he just see the VR environment and a message that say " your workout will start soon" and once the doctor completes the setup and press play on the PC screen than the VR game begins.

    once the game is over all the data is shown on the PC screen to the doctor and in the VR there is a message "you can take off your headset "

    It worked on Oculus but doesn't work on Mixed reality and we don't have any idea why ...

  • Hi @Eran82 ,

    This is a loaded question. Without knowing exactly how the Oculus app works, it's hard to help diagnose what's going on with the MR app. Can you provide some more technical details on how the screen goes from PC to VR experience? Are you using Remoting?

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