Can Oculus work in Windows Mixed Reality?

I have an Oculus system and heard a lot about Windows Mixed reality. I see Microsoft talking about different system but haven't head about any of the popular system running VR. Please let me know.


  • Not at this time. Oculus has not chosen to make their headset work with the Windows Mixed Reality platform. Not sure if they ever will, but Microsoft has publicly stated that they would welcome them doing so.

  • Yes you can, using steam VR (preview) and the REVIVE software you can access your Oculus library. There were only 2 games that didn't work for me, one of them Elite Dangerous (although the dev will give you the steam key to install through steam (currently even the steam install is buggy with the Samsung Odyssey in the current preview steam vr state)). Otherwise the rest work well and this allows me to purchase games in the Oculus store now since I can use them on other devices (I have the Oculus Rift, Vive, and now the Odyssey).
    I haven't been able to get Vorpx working or non-VR game play with virtual theater (steam VR, bigscreen beta, virtual desktop, or VORPX) yet. Looking forward to consumer release of steam mixed reality software in the hope this works.
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