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Why is tracking of controllers offset in Unity

When I track the controllers they are offset (but otherwise appear to be tracking okay). Is there a trick to setting them up for the unity world to match the reported world of the controllers?


  • @Destined Maybe you have translations saved in the prefab you're using for the controllers?

    I ran into a problem like this yesterday, but realized that the prefabs I was using had small numbers in the translations that I had saved at some point. Once I zeroed those out and applied it to the prefab the objects started tracking where I expected them to.

  • Nah, I just created a sphere. Set pos to 0,0,0 (not that it should matter) and just sitting on the base of the scene. So very basic setup. So not a prefab, just an object.

  • Offset how much? There can be a couple of things going on here... There's an existing bug in Unity which can lead to this (a fix will be available there shortly). If you leverage the MRTK implementation to render the controllers, and you go back and forth between the app and the cliff house, do you see the controllers move, or stay static? (If the answer is move, you are hitting the Unity bug. if the answer is that they stay still we can dig into why you are seeing what you are seeing)

  • What's the version of your Unity Engine?
    I have the same problem when using 2017.2.8b
    But when I update the project to 2017.2.0f3, the problem is fixed.

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