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Where do we send bugs for the Device Portal?

Hi there,
I'm writing an app that utilizes the Device Portal REST Apis for the HoloLens.

I started out by mapping the REST Apis myself, but while I was doing this I noticed official documentation went up:

Which is awesome, but I'm noticing a lot of discrepancies between the actual HoloLens Portal APIs and the official documentation.

Who, and where, do I send bugs to?


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  • @ChadJessup have you also seen the more HoloLens specific api docs?

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  • @HoloSheep said:
    @ChadJessup have you also seen the more HoloLens specific api docs?

    I had not, thank you!
    The two documents give different details, but now I have a feeling I know which one to refer to if things are ambiguous. :)

  • @ChadJessup,

    As @ahillier commented, please report issues with the Device Portal API here. What discrepancies have you noticed between the core documentation and the HoloLens behavior?


  • Jarrod1937Jarrod1937 ✭✭✭

    Not exactly related to any issue here, but I would like to thank you for putting so much thought into the device and the exposed API's. I did not expect to get access to the device portal via API, definitely makes things easier.

  • @Jarrod1937,
    Glad you find it helpful! Please let us know if you stumble over anything.


  • Sorry for the delay. I haven't had a chance to revisit the documentation since the newest HoloLens update. But, some of the discrepancies were addressed in this new update (accessing the file system, is one example).

    @DavidKlineMS, @ahillier mentioned you're working on something that does something similar to what I'm putting together. Is that available online?
    In my spare time I'm throwing together some libraries that use the Device Portal APIs and allows them to easily be accessed by C#. It's pretty rough right now, but lives at: https://github.com/ChadJessup/hololens.deviceportal/

  • @ChadJessup, as @ahillier mentions, I have used the Device Portal APIs quite a bit on tools that I have written. I do not have anything online at this time.


  • edited August 2016

    @ahillier mentioned I was building a tool to interface with the HoloLens via the REST API. Today, we open sourced that I and others have been working on!

    Take a look at this post for more details.

    Thanks and enjoy!

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