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Latest Oculus & Unity for a simple immersive app

Has anyone on this forum managed to get a simple empty VR scene up and running with the latest stable Unity 2017.2.0f3 and Oculus 1.18?

Am I right in assuming that when you download the latest Unity 2017.2, the VR mode is activated via the "Virtual Reality Supported" option, so basically that should be it without the need for any integration stuff downloaded, imported, etc?

I have tried this with and without the integration package (both latest 1.18 and an old version 1.15) and with and without the VR option checked. However, I get the following errors. Oculus forum is complete silent on this...

Couldn't open Assets/OVR/Plugins/1.18.1/OSXUniversal/OVRPlugin.bundle/Contents/MacOS/OVRPlugin, error: dlopen(Assets/OVR/Plugins/1.18.1/OSXUniversal/OVRPlugin.bundle/Contents/MacOS/OVRPlugin, 2): Library not loaded: @rpath/LibOVRRT_0.framework/Versions/5/LibOVRRT_0 Referenced from: /Users/OculusUnityProject/Assets/OVR/Plugins/1.18.1/OSXUniversal/OVRPlugin.bundle/Contents/MacOS/OVRPlugin. Reason: image not found


Oculus Plugin could not be loaded.

Does anyone know what I should do to get a basic empty Unity VR project running for an immersive app?


  • Hi @hmiri - I am a bit confused about your questions. This forum is for Windows Mixed Reality, not Oculus. Are you trying to develop for Oculus or Windows Mixed Reality? They are two very separate platforms.

  • Hi @Jesse_McCulloch, I thought anything to do with VR/MR would fit under the "Building immersive apps" section of the forum. Am I wrong in assuming that?

    I still have not decided on the dev platform, but I wondered a simple immersive app surely starts off with checking the VR support mode in Unity, though that throws errors, hence my question in the Immersive App forums.

    Kindly let me know if I should delete/remove this question thread...

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