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UWP HTML5 app doesn't work in WMR Home

edited November 2017 in Q&A and Discussions

(Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I couldn't find a great fit.)

I have an app in the Windows Store called "GP PRO". This app is essentially a HTML5 site wrapped up in a UWP package. It works just fine on the desktop, and it opens in the WMR Home environment, but as soon as I do any interaction with it, it crashes.

The windows store crash report says that it's in some javascript code that is doing event processing. But even if there was a problem with that code, I would expect a javascript exception, not a complete app crash.

The exact same code running in Edge online works perfectly: m.kaon.com/c/gc

I think this means there's a bug in the embedded Edge browser when running inside WMR home. Where can I report this and be sure that MS actually looks at it?


  • Windows Feedback hub is the officially correct place to report bugs or problems in Immersive headset software. As explained in these forums create a shared web link to the problem and post the link here.
    If you DONT then MR ENGINEERING teams cannot look at this

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