how does one application use both the Vuforia and holotoolkit sdk without problems?

I create a new unity project and import the HoloToolkit-Unity-v1.2017.2.0
pacakage, and then import the Vuforia Core Samples pacakage, and build the 3-
ImageTargets.unity. When I build the unity project, it can't succeed, and I meet
some problems. And I think all the configuration file is well done. Hope someone
can help me, Thank you!!!!!

problems pictures like below:

Vuforia Configuration:

XR Setting:

Holotoolkit: v1.2017.2.0


  • I have the same problem,
    Have you found a solution yet?

  • I have also want to same functionality(Mixed reality tool kit + Vuforia) in an app. Have you found any solution yet ?

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