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HoloTool kit not working with errors

Hey guys,

I have followed every procedure of downloading the holotoolkit folder from github and or the MixedRealityToolKit - Unity - Master, then dragging and dropping the folders I need to import holotool kit into unity

So after I drag and drop the required folders or folder (have tried many variations) I try to build but I get this error

'Assets\HoloToolkit\Input\Scripts\Utilities\Extensions\InteractionSourceExtensions.cs(12,23): error CS0234: The type or namespace name 'Haptics' does not exist in the namespace 'Windows.Devices' (are you missing an assembly reference?)'

I followed this tutorial


As instructed, I select everything but the holotoolkit examples and when I build it doesn't work. I try the whole folder, still nothing. Also in the online tutorial a new window tab is created called 'HoloTool Kit' but mine is 'Mixed Reality Toolkit' so I am guessing the tutorial is old? But it should still build and work :(

I have the latest version of Unity... which folders do I drag and drop to the assets, please help



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