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Developing C++ Mixed Reality toolkit sharing application

I am looking to create a desktop application in C++ that can join a mixed reality sharing session and receive network messages. The documentation I have seen implies that C++ application development is supported.

I have previously created an application with the C# API, which seemed quite straight forward. I downloaded the github MixedRealityToolkit repository and then built it using "Sharing\BuildAll.bat"

Once this completed the directory "Sharing\SDK\Client\CSharp\" includes the C# source that can be used for application development. This includes lots of useful classes like the SessionManager which make it easy to connect to a sharing server and join a specific session.

The directory "Sharing\SDK\Client\SideCar\" appears to contain a C++ based API, but this appears to have a lot less in it than the C# API. There is no SessionManager for example.

The directories "Sharing\Src\Source\Common" and "Sharing\Src\Source\Client" seem to contain a lot more useful C++ classes than the copied into the SDK directory. Given that these files have not been extracted into the SDK directory I am unclear if I should be trying to use them, or which bits I should/shouldn't depend on.

Can anyone give any advice? Any documentation or examples to look at would be really helpful, thanks.

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