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TerrainDraggable.cs with clicker instead of hand

I'm using the TerrainDraggable.cs from the HoloToolkit to move my object around. However, this is only possible with the users hand and not the clicker.

How would I adjust this script so it also listens to the clicker?

Pastebin as the code is just a bit too long for the post: https://pastebin.com/ErdmaRgD


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  • ThomvdmThomvdm
    edited November 2017 Answer ✓

    <Thought I fixed it, but I didn't>

  • Are you able to get the clicker to work when you aren't in an application (i.e. open an application with it)? I've never had to do anything special at least that I know of in order to get the clicker to work. Make sure it is charged up and it is paired via Bluetooth.

    AR Developer

  • @dbarrett Yes, the clicker itself works fine on all other buttons. It's only that script that it doesn't work on

  • From the code you posted:

    ` ///

    /// Component that allows dragging an object with your hand on HoloLens.
    /// Dragging is done by calculating the angular delta and z-delta between the current and previous hand positions,
    /// and then repositioning the object based on that.
    /// </summary>`

    When using the clicker it doesn't return a hand position.

    AR Developer

  • That makes sense. Is it possible to mimic this somehow? Perhaps by using the ManipulationEventData and translating it in Vector3s against the start position?

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