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Hololens/Spatial Map/Spatial Mesh Cutting

I'm currently working with the Hololens in Unity.
I need a spatial map for my project but I also need a 'hole' in this spatial map.

Is it possible to tell the spatial map scanner, that I want a spatial map everwhere except for the position where I place an empty GameObject? Or can I somehow edit the spatial map and cut a hole in to the desired position myself?

The Project should be portable and usable in other rooms. The Player has to place the menu on a wall in the beginning but I don't want objects to collide in certain regions of the wall. The objects that the player can throw should collide with everything else that surrounds the player except for the 4 randomly areas on the wall. So I'd either like the spatial map not to be there where the 4 objects on the wall are or the possibilty to decide that the entire wall doesnt have a spatial map but everything else surrounding the player does.


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