Debugging without building in visual studio?

Is there a way to debug a multiplayer code that we write using UNET without building the solution in visual studio code? I am trying to figure out what is wrong with my hololens UNET project by building the solution and then changing some code and then building the project again.


  • Hey, @Jackson

    In fact it's suggested to test development-time debugging as a separate bare-bones collections of endpoints (say, a client and a server), preferably Editor-based. Thus you will save time on building (Unity+VS) and also focus on networking only. Even if you pass something like world anchors via network I recommend to still just debug the Editor-based networking and pass some random bytes or about the size of your usual anchor batches. You can just build some quick UIs with the immediate GUI (OnGUI) to focus solely on networking. You can either use two separate computers or have one (or more) endpoint as a standalone build and another in the Editor.

    Once networking is bulletproof you will simply put the actual payload onto it like the world anchor batches necessary for the shared experience for instance.

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