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How to watch Youtube 360 videos on a Windows Mixed Reality Headset

Youtube has a lot of VR/360 content made for watching on VR headsets. The web is full of info how to watch these videos on Google cardboard or Samsung Gear VR.

But how the heck does this work on Windows Mixed Reality headset? I am stumped.

Mikey Wetzel


  • I also have the same problem! I connect my HP Mixed Reality Headset and cannot watch youtube 360 videos. I've tried a few apps in the windows store like 360 viewer and littlestar, but the videos in the headset appear to be extremely low quality. Am I missing something?

    1. Install Steam and Windows MR for Steam (from Steam Store)
    2. Purchase and Launch Virtual Desktop in Steam (or other app of choice)
    3. Copy any Youtube URL into the clipboard
    4. Click Videos Tab in Virtual Desktop, then click "Paste Youtube URL" button.
    5. Enjoy*.

    *Enjoy more by enabling "download content before playing"

    NOTE: You need a super high end system to play 6K-8K 360 and 3D 360. Our Dual Xeon, Dual 1080Ti with 256Gb DDR4 stutters 8K playback, still. Xeon is not VR Ready (for playback)... best bet is i9-7980XE.

  • thanks for your help screenworks
    but have you free solutions ? or really can you tell me if virtual desktop is essential on wmr? maybe there is free software like Virtual Destop

  • Download 360 Viewer app free from the Microsoft Store (published by Microsoft Corp). If you enter YouTube from Edge, there will be a Windows Mixed Reality icon that appears on the 360 vids.

  • DesRizzel, that's not true for me. There's no such icon. See the screenshot below.

    Inside WMR, launching Edge from the "mountain home" also will not show videos in immersive 360, but rather in a pan-tilt 2D window.

    Lastly, the Photos app inside the "mountain home" won't play immersive videos that are on your PC.

    I've tried SteamVR, which has an app to watch 360 videos, but it tells you that you must launch the videos from your library, yet there's no (intuitive) way to get your videos into a library.

    Mikey Wetzel

  • edited January 2018
    Hi Mikey
    Did you have any luck with this?
    After I installed the 360 viewer from the store it shows as an icon in edge when the plugin is running.
    It's on the toolbar next to the share & ink icons.
    Check your extensions & make sure it's installed properly and not disabled
  • FYI, I could occasionally get it to work on the insider build before the last one(only if I used Edge from the Desktop, not from inside Cliff House). The last one I couldn't get it to work no matter what I tried. 17083.1000 that just came out a few hours ago, I can actually launch a 360 video from Edge inside the Cliff House! Soooo happy!

  • Hi NXTwoThou what is 17083.1000 ?
    I am at level zero so please explain in a simple way as possible

  • Sorry, 17083.1000 is one of the Windows 10 Insider Previews. It's a method of people who want to get the latest-greatest features but don't mind the idea that some things may be broken or you might potentially lose all your stuff. It's intended so people can crowd source bug finding for microsoft so they can release a more polished version later on. 17083.1000 was the first insider preview I got where I could use Edge inside of the Mixed Reality Portal to launch 360 videos.

    To watch 360 videos with the regular release of Windows, first go to https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9NBB1023SLZF and install the 360 Viewer extension for Edge. Next, in Edge(from your desktop, not in the Mixed Reality Portal), click the … at the top and go down to Extensions and enable the 360 viewer extension. Go to youtube and search for a 360 video. For example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeDOoLwQQGo When you go there, there should be a mask icon, click it and put your headset on. It should do this thing where it creates a giant sphere around you and starts playing the video. If you aren't trying to do youtube videos and just want to see -any- 360 video, the easiest way is to skip everything I just wrote, launch the Mixed Reality Portal, go to Movies & TV app(in that room you can open the roof of in the Cliff House) and there'll be a category called 360 Videos, click that and click any of them in the list.

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