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Accessibility For Disabled

I have a severe disability that limits my movement to pretty much just my right hand. I can't walk, lift my arms or move my head/neck. With my right hand, I can escape into video games by using a multi-button mouse and small keyboard. I can play just about any PC game with this setup. I'd love to use Windows Mixed Reality to experience a sense of freedom that is beyond a computer monitor. What I need to know is if it is possible to move and look around in the virtual world without moving my head, and just using a mouse + keyboard? Also, if I use the headset while lying back in a hospital bed, will I be stuck looking up at the sky in-game or can I override the direction that I'm looking by using a mouse? Any info or suggestions you can share would be greatly appreciated.


  • I think the accessibility features depend on the developer. I can move around the Cliff house (home base) and manipulate objects by moving the using the controller buttons. Either hand works. The VChat chat room feature seems to require head movements.

  • You're stuck looking up at the sky currently. I'd like to do this and i'm not disabled but it seems currently that it cannot be done.

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