Questions and Doubts in HoloLens Development: "Creating an Idea"

Hello, everyone!

Here I'm not going to dive deeply into some technical details which refer to problems during the process of HoloLens development. So let's talk about the right way "How to Create an Idea for this cool device".

Recently, I've found a great post about envisioning, prototyping and building HoloLens applications from AfterNow company's view. The name of it is: "Case study - AfterNow's process - envisioning, prototyping, building" (you will be able to find the link further). So what do you think about this one? As for me, that article is very clear and useful but except one thing (I've highilighted that one on the image below):

Now, with my team I'm gathering different ways what we can actually do and implement for HoloLens based on our skills. So we wanted to use all advices from that article (,_prototyping,_building) which I've mentioned later. But I couldn't understand the approach to the "flow map". Who has already made something like this? Can someone explain from what does this process consist of in more deatils?

Thank you in advance,

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