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Code with your headset on?

I have the HP headsets. Under the section Why Windows Mixed Reality >> Code with your headset on. "view your physical surroundings"

Does this mean in the near future I will be able to use AR with the Mixed Reality Headset (see my real world desk)? If this available, someone please point me to a page to set up.


Thanks David

Best Answer


  • FYI - I use an ACER AH100 MR Headset with Dell VRC100 Hand Controllers on a Icore7 16GB configured Surface Pro 4, which while technically not MR approved, runs the Portal Clift House and other software.. I have run in Clift House the Win 10 Camera Utility using a Logitech webcam to display the keyboard on my desktop as well as the Virtual Keyboard built into the Portal software. My point is you can have limited room view of your physical surroundings if you wish to experiment.

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  • I think its a very cool idea to be able to code and do work on windows without needing monitors and just using a headset instead. It would be cool though to have a headset with a camera where you can have a "Picture in Picture" view of a camera passthrough while you work. But at least that work around that thorpeca mentioned to experiment sounds interesting for now.

  • So, in regards to the heading of "Code with your headset on" they were talking about the ability of ALMOST all of the immersive headsets having the feature where you can leave the headband on and just flip up the display portion, which does let you go in and out relatively quickly. It also works in the context of HoloLens, as @mark_grossnickle pointed out.

  • I do code with my HP headset on - but I hacked available software together to make that work.
    Search for - Steam's Virtual Desktop.
    Multiple Monitor display achieved by SpaceDesk and html viewer.
    To actually see my keyboard I have installed ivCam on my iPhone positioned it with my lamp just above the keyboard.

    Happy coding...

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