I have several 3D models and i want them to load one by one in Hololens

I have several models and i want them to load one by one because they are heavy and have million of meshes included. I have tried Smart3D.Creator, it saves the data the 3D objects in the cloud and then i can access them but now i cant use this Smart 3D creator cuz of its expensive now. Is there any ideas ?

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    There are a few things you can do. First of all you can change the shaders on your objects (I'm assuming you're using just a standard shader) to something like a Vertex Lit Shader (under Legacy shaders). You would basically need to create a bunch of lights in your scene to combat the dark shade of your object. Or even use some of the shaders from the MRTK. Another shader type you can use is a mobile shader since it tends to be a simpler shader.

    I'm not sure if you can make your model smaller but, if your model takes up your whole field of view, (i.e. fill rate is 100%) it is very heavy on the device. Less pixels you have taking up your field of view the more processing power you have to deal with high mesh counts.

    I have also included a link to a similar question with a very detailed explanation of how to improve fps.


    As for loading your Objects one by one you could create a script with an array of your objects and whenever you say "Next"/"Previous" or clicked on a button in a UI you could deactivate the current object and activate the next object in the array and vice versa for going backwards. I would make sure to put some if statements in there to make sure you don't go past your array length or get a negative index.

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  • why should i change my Standard Shader to LitVertex i want to have a high quality Mesh and i tried from Hololens Tool kit and there is no difference some slight differences yes but not the major one.

    Moreover i need to check some tutorials for the Dragging and dropping the 3D model in to your scene in the runtime environment. Is there any suggestions for that ?
    i do find your idea worth trying for drag and drop the object in to the scene.

    Thank you so much

  • @neerajwadhwa Just wana know your insights also on this topic. Many Thanks

  • The HoloLens doesn't have the computing power to load a million meshes or vertices. So either you have to cut back on your vertex count or drop your shader to a lower resolution. Other than that there's not much more you can do as far as your fps is concerned. As far as loading them one by one just create a menu containing a list of all of your items and when they click on the item you activate that item.

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  • @dbarrett Thank you so much for the help. You are right and i tried it worked perfectly Since i am not good in coding. Do you have any script or help that i can use to pick my models and drop and in the scene at runtime.


  • @dbarrett thank you so much i am gona try your instructions and will get back to you.

    Thanks again :)

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