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Mixed Reality 250 spatial mapping errors?

I downloaded the files from git hub.
I'm working with the SharedMixedRealityLand.scene that is completely built.
I can get it deployed to both hololens and a samsung odyssey.
Im using Unity 2017.2.0p2-MRTP5

The sharing and sessions do not show up in the list for some reason.

In the Hololens:
host id 1
isclient false
isserver true
isrunning true
anchor name is blank
anchor created false

Errors with spatial mapping:
null reference exception on spatial mapping observer.update()

Here is my Update method on SpatialMappingObserver

private void Update()
// Only do processing if the observer is running.
if (ObserverState == ObserverStates.Running)
// If we don't have mesh creation in flight, but we could schedule mesh creation, do so.
if (surfaceWorkOutstanding == false && surfaceWorkQueue.Count > 0)
// Pop the SurfaceData off the queue. A more sophisticated algorithm could prioritize
// the queue based on distance to the user or some other metric.
SurfaceData surfaceData = surfaceWorkQueue.Dequeue();

                // If RequestMeshAsync succeeds, then we have successfully scheduled mesh creation.
                surfaceWorkOutstanding = observer.RequestMeshAsync(surfaceData, SurfaceObserver_OnDataReady);
            // If we don't have any other work to do, and enough time has passed since the previous
            // update request, request updates for the spatial mapping data.
            else if (surfaceWorkOutstanding == false && (Time.time - updateTime) >= TimeBetweenUpdates)
                updateTime = Time.time;

Also what is the trick to get code clocks to appear correctly on this forum?

Any Ideas what is wrong? I have made no code changes. Did i download a bad build?

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