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Using UI components in HUD D3D c++/cx app

Hello all, I am finding it very difficult to Create ui component in Holographic DX3d app. I need to use C++/cx since am using Opencv, and I need to build a Hud app (i have already build some functionalities , I have successfully rendered some text on the Hud view ). My problem is How can i create UI components (buttons, sliders etc) in D3D holographic app.
I need my app to behave exactly like the Hololense start menu, but i cant find any pointers on that. I do know that this is possible by using Unity, but i cant use unity since i need opencv.
to sumrize it I need to create a D3D app that behaves exactly like the Hololense start menu, renders text, images and have some UI functionalities (buttons, sliders, text boxes and events ) I think publishing the sample code of the Start menu will give GREAT benefits to all of the developers. Thanks for any help
cheers !


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    You can still use OpenCV with Unity. All you have to do is make it a DLL and use it as a plugin. There are a couple of Nuget packages that all you have to do is build it as a UWP dll and import them into Unity and they work fine. I've already done this.

    I answered this question on StackOverflow

    I actually ended up using a different NuGet Package but, I honestly don't remember the name of it.

    As far as the start menu UI it isn't anything really complicated as far as a UI can be. All it really is a series of little panels on a big panel with the smaller panels having a button script attached to them and a tagalong script attached to the canvas.

    AR Developer

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    It is very difficult to create UI

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