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Building the Poster Calibration Plugin

edited December 2017 in Questions And Answers

Hey everyone,

I've spent two days trying to build the plugin from the Poster Calibration sample project. Where I'm stumped is when I want to set the platform to x86. I only have the ARM, Win32 and x64. I've tried using VS 2017 and 2015,and tried using the last 5 SDKs, but I can't get anywhere. On all other projects (that I originally build from Unity), I always get the x86 platform. Would it be something with the installation? I think I've selected everything vaguely to do with UWP, Unity and Csharp...

Any tips would be great - thank you!



  • i hope you did a Project building settings from Unity also. If no then here are some instructions

    Start Unity.
    Select Open.
    Navigate to the Gesture folder you previously unarchived.
    Find and select the Model Explorer folder.
    Click the Select Folder button.
    In the Project panel, expand the Scenes folder.
    Double-click ModelExplorer scene to load it in Unity.
    In Unity select File > Build Settings.
    If Scenes/ModelExplorer is not listed in Scenes In Build, click Add Open Scenes to add the scene.
    Select Windows Store in the Platform list and click Switch Platform.
    Set SDK to Universal 10 and UWP Build Type to D3D.
    Check Unity C# Projects.
    Click Build.
    Create a New Folder named "App".
    Single click the App Folder.
    Press Select Folder and Unity will start building the project for Visual Studio.
    When Unity is done building, a File Explorer window will appear.
    Open the App Folder.
    Open the ModelExplorer Visual Studio Solution.
    Using the drop-down options near the top, change Debug to Release and ARM to x86.

  • Tried it some time ago. Just select Win32. I made a few notes here https://holodevelopers.org/index.php/PosterCalibration

  • How to change the poster in the Poster Calibration Plugin. Which settings need to be changed?


  • Did you solve the problem? I have the same problem as you. Can you give me some help? Thanks!

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