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Viewing multiple desktops in MR Home

Hey! I'm looking for a feature that I could have all my virtual desktops visible simultaneously in different Windows MR Home desktop windows aka simulate multiple displays in virtual world. Currently only one desktop window can be active at a time. Furthermore, even if I open two different desktop windows in MR Home I cannot have unique Virtual Desktop in them at the same time.

I have 2 desktop windows set in my MR Home. I set the left one to play my virtual desktop 1. Once I activate the right desktop window in MR Home, the left one goes to "pause". If I set the right desktop to play my virtual desktop 2, and switch back / activate the left desktop window, it will have the same virtual desktop 2 instead of the virtual desktop 1.


  • Hello,
    I'm really looking for such a feature. Any comments if such a usage is possible and if it can be included in later updates?

  • Or maybe just be able to open legacy program windows outside the desktop. In the same way Edge, Photos, and skype open.

  • Yes. I have the same question.. Even if there was just an app for Windows explorer in windows MR that would work... seems like an inexplicable oversight. Hope someone can shed some light on the situation. Since in its current form the Whole MR experience is highly constrained to gaming unless a multiple desktop environment is introduced.

  • I have the same question, if we are going to start using this technology for work (play is a given), then multi-desktops is needed. I have also asked for a elevated spot so I can put windows around me in sphere style format. The new land kind of gives that, so I am pretty happy with that.

    I would also like to see a ghost keyboard so I can type faster.

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