Mixed Reality Controllers Trackpad Issue

I could not find any help anywhere else. I am having a big issue with the MR motion controller trackpads. After using the controllers for a few mins the trackpads think there is input going to them even when not being touched. In cliff house I can see a steady purple dot on the trackpad as if my finger is resting on it even though it is not. This does happen with both controllers but seems to affect my left controller most often/frequent. I can fix the problem by turning the controller off and on again, however this only fixes the problem for a few mins, the problem comes back after a few mins of trackpad use. This problem also seems to affect the thumbsticks, however I have not seen this too much for not many experiences actually use the trackpad. I can mostly ignore this issue but however it makes some experiences and games completely unplayable, especially within steam VR. I would greatly appreciate any help on this issue!


  • TsvetomirTsvetomir
    edited December 2017

    +1 same issue

    Workaround would be to have an option from MR portal for joysticks to mimic touchpad output, so we can use the joysticks until this issue is fixed properly.

  • +1 same issue, and mine has thumbstick off center problem too.
    when I play minecraft windows 10 with VR. player moves upper-right direction
    (but very slowly)

  • So I take it Microsoft does not look at these forums?

  • > @ErrcMcG said:
    > So I take it Microsoft does not look at these forums?


    Mines broken too, keeps getting stuck in bottom right of trackpad
  • same here touch pad started giving out after the first month

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