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disable spatial mapping


is there any way to switch the spatial mapping of the hololens of? Either completely for the whole device or for one App?

Thank You!


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    Hey, @scha

    If by disabling spatial mapping you mean preventing the HoloLens from trying to understand the environment then there is no way.

    And if by disabling spatial mapping you mean disabling feeding of the reconstructed spatial mapping mesh into your app you can simply remove the SpatialMappingCollider and SpatialMappingRenderer components from your scene (assuming Unity), or freeze updates for them or simply just ignore their presence by your app design.

    Hope this helps.

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    You can disable the Spatial Mapping component in script or in the Unity editor of your own app.

    You can't disable it for the device as it uses Spatial Mapping on the OS level for a lot of different functions. If you are talking about a third party app that is using Spatial Mapping then no you can't do that either.

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    Depending on the reason you need this -- you can cover up the IR cameras with masking tape. That will effectively disable spatial mapping for you.


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    I want to shut off my mapping grid during play! For some reason the feed is displaying and disorienting to say the least.

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