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Wrong back buffer resolution for Samsung Odyssey HMD

edited December 2017 in Q&A and Discussions

I am looking at the wizard "Holographic DirectX 11 App" and it appears that the back buffer created for our Samsung Odyssey MRD headset is wrong.

I am checking this by putting a breakpoint in CameraResources.cpp, around line 80, and looking a the values of backBufferDesc.

For the HP HMD, I get a resolution of 1765 x 1765, which makes sense. The display is 1440 x 1440, a 1:1 ratio screen, and you want the back buffer to be a bit larger because of the screen space warping that occurs.

For the Samsung, I get a back buffer resolution of 1655 x 2060, which odd not only because the horizontal resolution is less than the HP headset (despite having the same physical resolution on the screen and similar FOV) but it is an 0.8:1 ratio, and not the 0.9:1 ratio of the screen. This makes me think there is a bug somewhere in the drivers for the HMD or the Mixed Reality layer.

I first noticed this when using the Samsung through SteamVR: we get a back buffer resolution of 1428 x 1777 (vs 1593 x 1593 for the HP) -- the back buffer width is actually smaller than the physical screen, which cannot be right. Note also that via SteamVR, the back buffer has the same odd 0.8:1 aspect ratio, which makes me think that the bug lies somewhere deeper than just the SteamVR layer and is in the headset drivers or Mixed Reality layer itself.


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