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Disassembly of HoloLens

Dear all,
Did anybody disassemble their HoloLens ? The only teardown on https://www.theverge.com/2016/4/6/11376442/microsoft-hololens-holograms-parts-teardown-photos-hands-on
is not very helpful, because Microsoft already supplied the journalist with the individual parts.

I'm working on a robotic application with severe space-constraints. I want to remove as much plastic as possible. Does the HoloLens tracking still work, if I remove the "sunglass visor plastic" part ?



  • Dear
    I'm a student from Wuhan University,China. Recently,I have done some research on Hololens disassembly. If you have some questiones, I think you may ask me for help.

  • Hey @Alpha_Phoenix ,
    first: I haven't. But I would likely start with removing the inner ring by removing the two torx screws on the bottom and then use some plastics phone disassembly tools to remove the covers of the outer ring(and perhaps find some screws underneath).

    I think the tracking should still work without the screen shield. But you should make sure the cameras are still protected from dust as they likely are grayscale cameras and dust can make them be confused somehow. According to my research, all of the cameras are important for the tracking of the position! You will still be able to track orientation only without them by using the IMU-Sensors, though. But your position may drift or not work at all.

  • I have. Multiple units. Don't do it. Don't use HL for your robot project. The most expensive component in your HL is the waveguide and the dual Himax LCoS assembly. You can get similarly capable cameras from China that run on most SBC w IOT core or full W10, or hack leap motion or Kinect or whatever the cool kids play with these days.

    Once the front visor is off, the waveguide/display is no longer useful and degrades very quickly. You can get dirt/dust inside the system and cause shorts; there's no recovering the system from that.

    Will the cameras/SLMs/IRPs work? Yes, everything is functional. But the calibration is off. I can't recall if the native calibration app could recover from a loss of the front visor. I had no interest in their imaging optics/hw because that's not necessarily a great general purpose design. The use of 'HPU' doesn't instill confidence that you can port your app to actually use it optimally.

    To remove the front visor you will have to destructively remove the metal frame on the top of the forehead region and then separate the visor from the glued nose/eye frame protection. And you lose the microphone - 4 mics are attached using contact springs to the front visor; and you lose the antenna frame (radios will still work, but slower). You won't be able to remove the mating microphone flexes without taking the rest of the forehead assembly including the light engine flex fixtures and camera flex fixtures and the heat spreader/temple flex assbys - and you don't want to cut those flexes (4 layers etc) either.

    The visor is integral to the assembly rigidity of the forehead components, so don't do it unless you can afford to lose yours.


  • Didn’t know if anyone had any success with how to open the hololens up. I have a developer kit that a coworkers child seems to have treated roughly. Looks like they may have stretched/broken one of the battery arms and I’m hoping to get inside to see if they caused damage (unit no longer powers on nor responds to being plugged in via usb). Wondering if over extending the battery arm caused a cable to slip out of connection or break, currently the whole unit is a pretty paperweight.

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