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Get hand controller 3D model without WSA and with OpenVR

Hi all,

I am porting a big Unity VR app currently supporting OpenVR based headsets to Windows Mixed Reality headsets. The project needs to support all current PC based 6 DOF VR headsets and is not UWP compliant (fixable on app script side, not fixable in SteamVR Unity integration, I am waiting for an update from Steam). So my only option for now seems to work with OpenVR support which does work as WMR headset is detected and usable in Unity editor and PC/Win build.

So now, I'd like now to better integrate the WMR hand controllers and load the right 3D model. It is well documented here and here, however it based on WSA so I'd like to know if any of you have already attempted to do this not using WSA and whether it is feasible today or I am on wrong path.

For example, to load the 3D model you first need the "InteractionSource" object id which is for me: 2000000009 and 2000000010 but I suspect it won't be the same for all headsets or might change over time/reboots/etc... So the first question would be, is there any portable way to do this currently or just hacks without the use of WSA? Or these ids are really constant values?

One last thing I could think of is extending the WSA native library to maybe implement this fully natively if possible but in the library repo it is clearly stated that this library should not be used anywhere outside Unity editor though I could make my own but wonder if this would work in production build anyway.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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