How to get mixed reality portal to update correctly

Whenever an app loads up there is a message saying that an update is required but almost immediately upon updating, I get an error message saying that the software could not be updated.


  • Sorry, could you expound your question more clearly or offer more information for us? For example: your PC environment, screen shot of your error page or what the app's name is.

  • When opening mixed reality portal, there is a prompt to update but the update always immediately fails to download, making the app unusable even in simuation when developer mode is enabled. I have a Lenovo yoga 710 and all specs can run mixed reality, but I have a yellow warning sign when it comes to my main graphics card, an nvidia 940mx. The required spec for graphics lists a video card of intel hd graphics 620 ( which is also inside my computer) or above. Other than the update issue, would there be a way to have mixed reality portal use the hd graphics 620 card instead of the 940mx?
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