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When I changed the OS build of Surface Book to 17603, it became useless

Previously I was able to run Mixed Reality without problems on my Surface Book.
But In OS build 17063.1000 (insider build) can not use.

Freeze many times from the "ready" screen.And it returns repeatedly.
At that time, there is a noise mixing noise from the headset speaker.
If you leave the loop as it is, you will see "Reboot because OS build problem occurred" (green screen)
My Surface Book is meets the condition of Mixed Reality. I can use it before changing the OS build 17063.1000.
I tried initialization.
but I could not solve it.

please teach me.


  • @Asahi_Sakamoto Microsoft appears to have encountered a number of problems with Build 17063.... my suggestion is to go the Windows 10 Feedback Hub .... Settings/Windows Update / Give Us Feedback ... review the entries there for any help..... Was personally using a Surface Pro 4 with Mixed Reality Portal... with the installation of the Windows Updates December 8 -12 .... my system no longer can run the MR Headsets. It appears to me program code changes have caused glitches with the Portal / MR Headset use.

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