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How do I get the Position and Orientation of the Head?

I want to get the position and orientation of the head so I can make a cube move in front of the user when they call for it with the voice command.
Follow up question, how do I get voice commands to work?
I am using MRTK in Unity and I am new to C#.
Please don't refer me to Microsoft tutorials, I find them to be the least useful.

Sorry if this is a silly question with a simple answer, I haven't had much luck searching for it.

Best Answers


  • @dbarrett said:

    Drag the object or object containing the script you want to manipulate and then find the method you want it to perform.

    Is there a way to add custom functions?

  • See my latest tutorial on using speech based input for the Hololens: https://codeholo.com/2017/12/03/using-voice-based-interactions-on-the-hololens-via-speech-input-source-speech-input-handler/ using 2017 editions of Unity and the MR Toolkit

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