Sticky request - known working version combos

We all know emergent tech is tough. The dependencies are changing rapidly (necessary for progress) but there is no "official" sticky for us to lean on to be 100% sure we are using the latest stable versions of everything. The info is spread all over and not always official - hard to know what is official in OSS, I know...

I'd love to have 1 source-of-truth sticky post moderated by the official HoloLens/MixedRealityToolkit team.

It's tough because we depend very much on Unity being stable and in lock-step with both MS Visual Studio and the MRTK. It would just be great to have 1 place we call confidently check in against occasionally to make sure all our dependencies line up.

Apologies if I've just been away from these forums for too long and have missed this, but I didn't see anything like this in a recent quick sweep of the stickies.

This is what I would love to see:

  • What are the highest versions we can use for Unity, Visual Studio, and the MRTK?

    • please link to installers if they are not on normal download pages
  • Any possible alerts or notices for incoming changes.

Ideally - this page also stays up to date, as it the likely landing point for people who are just getting started:

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