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Can I set up a spectator view with the last released MixedRealityToolkit?

Hi guys,
I’m currently working on the Spectator View as my Bachelor thesis. I managed it to get the sample-project running but when I try to set up my own project I get a lot of errors. It seems, that the latest release of the MixedRealityToolkit for Unity 2017.2.1.1 is not compatible with the Spectator View component of the MixedRealityCompanionKit.
So, my question, is there anyone how can advise me witch versions I should use (Unity, MixedRealityToolkit, MixedRealityCompanionKit, VisualStudio and Windows SDK) to get the Spectator View running?

I’m grateful for any hints.


  • I can't get your problem. Maybe u can just show some point.
    I'm doing the same thing just like u doing. Maybe we can help each other.
    1.I can deploy that spectator view, and i use Unity 5.6.2f and Visual Studio 2015;
    2.I can't let mulitple Hololens work together, Camera can't get the Holograms in real world;

  • Is there any progress on updating SV to match current unity versions? I need to run spectator view on unity 2017.2.0

  • As of right now, it is still not compatible with 2017.2 I believe all that needs to be done is change some namespaces around but, no word from the MRTK guys when this would be fixed. It would be nice if they could add it to the MRTK instead of having it as a separate GitHub, I believe that is one of the main reasons it has been left in the dust.

    AR Developer

  • Hi Guys,
    maybe I can help you now a little bit. After spending an enormous amount of time, pain and tears into my project I finally have a running SpectatorView. What I did:
    • I’m Working with Unity 2017.2.1f1
    • Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition
    • And the latest Windows SDK
    I downloaded the MixedRealityCompanionKit from GitHub and then followed the instructions, which means doing the Calibration and building the Compositor.
    After copying all necessary files into the Sample project, I opened the Sample project in Unity.
    If you do that you will get allot of errors but the most of them are just obsolete code an easily replaced by the instructions given in Unity. That one or other error must be looked up in the documentation, because they replaced some code and some parts of the code must be out commented.
    This should be enough to get the spectator view working. Starting up from this Sample project you can build your own project. What dose not work is to set up the SpectatorView yourself by composing the HolographicCameraRig of the CompanionKit and the latest ToolKit, like it is described in the Instructions.
    If the SpectatorView dose not work after getting the Sample project running and you don’t have errors any more, delete the SpectatorViewManager prefab from your Hierarchy panel and make sure, that the Shared Holographic Experience is working. Especially make sure, that the WorldAnchor is set and updated correctly. To check that I assigned a red sphere to the GameObject UNETAnchorRoot, so that you can see where the Anchor is and if it changes. Make sure, that the HoloLens, especially the one attached to the camera can see enough of the room you are working in, so that she can locate herself in the room. This necessary to share the WorldAnchor. Sometimes it is useful to pan the HoloLens on the camera around, so she can recognise the room.
    In my case that worked but I’m not sure if this was a coincidence that it works now. I wanted to share that with you in the hope, that it might help you, because it does not look like we can expect any help from Microsoft, what is quiet a pity.

  • @simauIRT i tried to download the MixedRealityCompaniontoolkit but its throwing a 404 error.
    i tried to do the spectator view since few days i am getting a lot of error messages.

    I tried to do this but when i import the below package i am getting error

    please help me out to solve this.

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