Using Windows Mixed Reality Untethered with a Backpack PC

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I am trying to use Windows Mixed Reality with the MSI VR One backpack PC. I have set up the headset and am able to use Mixed Reality while tethered, but I am not able to fully untether the PC and walk around the room.

The problem I am having is that when I unplug the desktop monitor used for setup, the headset display immediately shuts off. Is this intended behavior? Is there any way to disable it and use the headset without any monitors plugged in?

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  • I have the exact same issue. Using the HP WMR headset with the MSI VR One. Time I pull the display port cable, I lose headset video. Is there a good way to have the system boot directly to the headset's display without an external monitor connection to begin with?

  • That's too bad. My team and I were also hoping for a software solution. We have ordered a couple of the dongles and should be able to test them soon. Thank you for the confirmation.

  • Definitely send in feedback about needing a software fix. Post the link here so we can upvote it.

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