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Hand detection when using gloves

Hey all,
I'm currently developing an application on HoloLens which schould be used in a factory environment. Probably, the workers will wear gloves, I guess, which would make the hand interaction difficult. Or can the handdetection algorithm of HoloLens handle such scenarios? Moreover, speech interaction is also limited since it could be very loud there. Has anybody had any experience with such scenarios? Thanks for the help :)


Best Answer


  • Thanks! I was wondering because I thought it would use also some kind of color detection to track hands. So if someone would wear, for example, blue gloves that it would have a hard time detecting the hands. But if it mostly works by hand gesture detection then it should do fine.

  • I am a bit late here, but I think it also used color to improve the detection because when I am using grey gloves the interaction is still working but with more failure (to detect).

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