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Build 17083.1000 WMR Improvements

For those who feel like they aren't getting 90Hz Ultra. The new build has a new option under Settings->Mixed Reality->Headset called "Performance Optimization". If you switch to "On" it forces 90Hz and all visual improvements. I have a Samsung HMD Odyssey with a 1060 and Core i7 7700HQ with 16GB ram and frankly, I don't remember it being this pretty with the last build. Edge and Desktop inside of Cliff House have suddenly become incredibly readable after turning this on.

Oh, and previously I had to fight with FireFox/SteamVR to try and get 360 videos to work because the 360 Video extension for Edge only worked about 20% of the time and only if I was using Edge outside of Cliff House. With this new build, I was able to launch more than one 360 video on YouTube from Edge inside of Cliff House.

The annoying wind chimes are finally gone!

Haven't noticed anything else yet, but just got the build about an hour ago and haven't had a lot of time to play. I really only loaded it up as I wanted to make sure this build didn't break WMR again.


  • OMG OMG OMG! If you hit the start button, there's a new option at the top called "Places". Where you select "Cliff House" or..... "MISSION CONTROL"!!!!

  • Okay, got excited over probably nothing. It looks horrible with all sorts of bits kind of broken. This might have been the precursor to Cliff House that got accidentally reenabled.

  • Here's the best view of it.

  • Uhm, okay, coming back to it, it fixed the textures. Camera is broken though, only works once, second and subsequent photos are garbage.

  • with 17064 they've changed the wording to make it a bit more clear

  • https://youtu.be/WupqMQQjMB4
    I recorded a quick teleport around

  • https://youtu.be/WupqMQQjMB4

    Here's a quick video teleporting around Mission Control. The Camera/snapshot feature is broken now. It works on the first snapshot, but then subsequent snapshots is a tiny part of your view in a circle up in the corner of the photo(aka, trash). Feedback and recreate my problem sent.

  • Sorry for the multi-post. Those were all actually attempted back in Jan and I hadn't noticed the whole "waiting for approval" message as it displayed very briefly and went away. I guess someone is taking care of a backlog of "waiting for approval"s

  • That was me cleaning up all the crap in the Spam Queue. I marked your account as verified so in theory none of your stuff should go to the spam filter now (unless you actually start spamming the forums.... don't do that ;) )

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