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Half of my Windows Mixed Reality display is black?

Hey guys, so I have an issue with my Acer WMR headset, it used to work perfectly, but suddenly today half of the left eye just displays black... I've tried everything, rebooting, reinstalling WMR, even trying on a different computer, but no luck...

Here is a picture of the issue: https://imgur.com/a/SQyeS

If you know a fix or if you are experiencing this as well please let me know! It would be a hassle for me to exchange since I'm in Canada and I bought it off of someone on Kijiji so I don't have any proof of purchase or anything of that sort. Thanks!


  • Please:
    1. Check your windows version
    2. Update Graphics card driver to the latest

    There is way for you to solve this problem is submitting your question in Feedback Hub.
    Feedback Hub is a Microsoft Store app, the download link is here.
    Mixed Reality Team can fetch application logs directly by Feedback hub. It is quite helpful for solving your problem. It also lets you provide screenshots. The more info you can give, the better.
    For more specific operation steps please refer to this question.

  • RaystormRaystorm
    edited February 2018
    Same here, only one eye is on, & even on that is only half
    Using lenovo explorer
  • Same problem. It really annoys me how this thing costs around $250, just so you can wake up one day, and for literally no reason, the display breaks.

  • Exact same issue. half of the left eyepiece. EXACTLY the same as the op. It was working fine while in game, then suddenly it went black on the right side of the left lense. I wasn't sure what had happened so I exited, rebooted and that didn't fix it. I uninstalled and reinstalled the portal and no luck.

    This seems to be common on a few different brands, and is really a disgrace. I have had mine for less than a week. I don't want to hear any "what are your specs" or "did you get the most recent driver" garbage because it isn't the issue. Mine "broke" mid game after about 30 minutes of it working flawlessly. No updates or changes happened in that time.

  • I have the exact same issue as the opening post.
    Right half of the left lens, not working. For no obvious reason. Last week was working fine when I stopped, and today when trying to use it was already not working.

    Is a Dell Visor, bought from Dell website 1 month ago.
    Tried to reboot the computer, unplugging and replugging the Visor, even tried different USB port. Same issue always. Right half of the left eye, black.

    Looking at this, and seeing others with the same problem... this type of situation should be on the FAQ. Explaining if this is a software issue, hardware computer issue (USB ports? I noticed that the headset is picky with USB, even when using always USB3) or if the VR headset needs to be sent for replacement (LCD broke down?).

  • The same problem, if I understand it correct there is no solution of this problem? Only repair it one or buy a new headset?

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