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How to get tracking quality for the headset?

We're working on a game that take place in a big real environment, something like a warehouse. We need a way to get the tracking quality. I know it's possible for controllers, but I don't find anything for the headset (which is the most important things for us).

In Unity the WorldManager class is unfortunately useless because the state variable has only two values: Active and Inhibited. Maybe the native SDK has something better?

The best thing would be a simple variable using values between 0.0 and 1.0 to represent the tracking quality. With a value less than 0.3, we can ask to our users to take care, preventing them to lose the tracking.

It's also a feature very useful for regular VR experiences. Feel free to contact me in PM for additional informations.

French XR/MR developer / Indie Game Developer



  • Hi, the headset is wired connected to the pc but motion controllers are wireless. Could I ask you about how to detect controllers' connection quality as you mentioned?
    We can figure your goal by that, then try to give useful information.

  • Hello,
    Thank you for your answer. Sorry my message wasn't enought detailled. I know that the headset is connected to the PC and the controllers wireless and I don't have any issue with that. My headset/controllers are working fine, they're all detected.

    I want to detect the quality of the tracking for the headset and I would like to know if an API exists or not for that. For controller there are already something, but not for the headset.

    What do I want?

    It's only related to the tracking on the headset, not controllers.

    When a user use a Windows MR headset, it can loose the tracking if it looks a wall too close, or for other reasons. I want to find a way to prevent the user to loose the tracking and for that, the only solution is to try to detect a tracking loss to inform user to be careful.

    For instance, it could be nice to have a variable or a function to query to get the tracking quality. By this way, I'll be able to inform the user that he'll loose the tracking very soon. He'll be able to move in another place where the tracking quality is better.

    I know how to detect a tracking loss, using WorldManager.state. But this information is not enough because it's just "Inhibited" and "Active".

    So my final question is: Do you know if there is a function to call to get the tracking accuracy of the headset.

    Thank you.

    French XR/MR developer / Indie Game Developer

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