Testing Sharing service with only one hololens

I develop hololens application with sharing service.But,I have only one hololens.

I try to test my sharing service with hololens and emulaor. First I run my application in hololens without debug mode.then I run it in holographic emulator.It join the session which created by hololens. But after it immediately leave the session.

So,Can you help me to test sharing service with only one hololens?


  • Are you using Unity? You could try to join from Unity and see what the logs say (or add more) to figure out why it is leaving the session.


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    Thanks @mark_grossnickle,
    I try it unity but there are access denied error at following section:
    " if (status == SerializationCompletionReason.Succeeded && wat.GetAllIds().Length > 0)" I also try to run my unity as an administrator but no any change.
    I also try to put import anchor process state into textbox ,run it in emulator and it shows the state is "Currentstate: Ready".

  • In Unity do you have the build targetting UWP?

    What file and line number is that?

    What version of Unity and version of HoloToolkit are you using?


  • @mark_grossnickle ,
    Yes,I have build targeting UWP.

    I get error in "ImportExportAnchorManager.cs" and line number 478 (if (status == SerializationCompletionReason.Succeeded && wat.GetAllIds().Length > 0)).

    I am using "Unity 2017.2.0f3-MRTP (64-bit)" and HoloToolkit which are using in hololens academy hologram 240.

  • Oh, did you add SpatialPerception in Player Settings under Capabilities? You also can add it by going to Mixed Reality Toolkit's drop down menu in Unity and then Configure and Capabilities.


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    Yes, i already add SpatialPerception in Player Settings under Capabilities.

  • I just checked my ImportExportAnchorManager and the line you are referring to does not exist. I also checked the latest on github and do not see it there either:

    Perhaps update to the latest HoloToolkit?

    Also, is the error happening just in the emulator? I'm guessing anchors would not work in the emulator... just the device.

    If you want to test between device and the Unity Editor or emulator you'll need to ignore anchors in the non-hololens device.


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