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Error C0002360-101. Keep getting this error when trying to open mixed reality portal.

I have been getting this error frequently. And the only fix that I have noticed is to restart my computer and everything works fine. Before restarting, when I launch the mixed reality portal, it detects in the upper left of the application, my headset and both controllers. But for some reason keep giving me the error "Something went wrong, and we couldn't start Windows Mixed Reality" and they give me the error code C0002360-101. Restarting seems to be the only temporary fix, and then if I leave my computer on throughout the day, when I come back to it, this error will reappear. Also, why is it giving me an error code, when they have literally no results online for what that code means. I've only seen one post on reddit with the same code and that is literally the only result that shows up on google when I search the code.


  • I can't help with the error unfortunately.

    But even if at the moment there is very little documentation out there I am glad they are giving us error codes and not just hiding behind oops something went wrong.

    While I do appreciate that this tech is bleeding edge and that means we are on our own to an extent, this forum really does need some more interaction from Microsoft at least until there is more knowledge in the community.
  • I have the same error code C0002360-101.
    But I have just installed it and set it up today, so it worked for 1-hour max.
    Now it's crashing every time, I've tried switching both usb HDMI, uninstalled and re-installed turned of and on the pc about 500 times but nothing helps.
    I am using a new rig so my hardware is new and dandy:)
    Help me and others to get a stable and working WMR, please.
    I am now browsing through a lot of others with similar problems, like "please connect the HDMI cable" I got that a lot in the setup although the HDMI port was new and never used with the original seal from Asus.
    This costs a leg and a hand before we can have a rig and the glasses working, it really feels good right now.. Sorry, I am pissed off, not sure at whom ;)
    Best regards
    Kjartan H

  • Same here I have a Samsung rig and a gaming system that is in the top 10%. I'm guessing the system sets up for a specific graphic configurations of monitor(s) that doesn't like to be changed what so ever once configured. Since the headset doesn't appear as a display with real graphic drivers I have found yet; it may be picky on GPU and GDDM changes between sessions? I'd be curious to know if anyone gets C0002360-101 and can say they have not changed graphics settings or display options what so ever? I had thought it to be Steam VR so uninstalled that a while back. I found uninstalling WMR and reinstalling (resetting cliff-house) the only work around every time I want to play. Since it is the only way I found so far to interface with Windows 10 (insider) OS and WMR. What we get for being pioneers as technology speeds faster then I can keep up. Faster to market still there has been no change in the hype vs. real-reality still lagging way behind. So has been my observation of many decades.

    WMR will be fantastic for recreation, learning and interacting. A tool where for those with a good head on their shoulders who lives physically and mentally due to birth, accident, disease or old age can experience an interface into a reality that brings their existence happiness, purpose and may utilize their skills in unconventional ways humanity has yet to explore; in a positive way. Let us never loose the touch of a friend.

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