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How can I get the XML of the license of the Hololens Commercial Suite?

edited February 2018 in Discussion

Apparently, in the MDM, it is necessary to upload the XML file with the license to unlock the Business features. The file, I did not send it from the Microsoft Store, nor saw any link to the license file at the time of purchase. Can anybody help me?


It says:
"When you purchase the Commercial Suite, you receive a license that upgrades Windows Holographic to Windows Holographic for Business [...]"

How do I receive it? When?


  • I have the exact same issue, I just received the HoloLens Commercial Suite, but no license that upgrades Windows Holographic to Windows Holographic for Business. This is very frustrating as I've just spent 30 minutes trying to contact someone from Microsoft Support to resolve this and it is impossible to find a live person to talk to from the Microsoft store website, instead I keep being redirected in circles to forums and unhelpful bots. It would have been nice to actually get the license with the device itself. How are we supposed to upgrade our devices???

  • The procedure seems simple, when it is known:

    the link to open a support case for HoloLens:

    The process for receiving an enterprise license key is by asking it when opening a support case for HoloLens.

    You must subsequently add the Serial Number of your Hololens. I did it in the second email, after the technician's request.

    After downloading the file (They will send you a link to download it), follow the steps described on the below article:

  • Confirmed that the procedure described by maperon works, I eventually managed to get my HoloLens upgraded to Windows Holographic for Business by submitting an incident request following the link provided above. However that link didn't work for the first few days I tried it, it kept giving a Page not Found error.
    Once the page worked, the only snag was that I had to reset my HoloLens since I had already set it up (using the WDRT tool as described here: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/holographic/reset_or_recover_your_hololens#perform_a_full_device_recovery, before I could apply the provisioning package built using the enterprise license key the Microsoft technician provided me with.

    It's a really annoying process to go through though, I wasted a week going in circles on Microsoft support site/forums/chat bots trying to find a Microsoft support person to help me with this when Microsoft could just have generated and emailed me the license key, which would have saved me hours of wasted time!

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