Hello everyone.

The Mixed Reality Forums here are no longer being used or maintained.

There are a few other places we would like to direct you to for support, both from Microsoft and from the community.

The first way we want to connect with you is our mixed reality developer program, which you can sign up for at https://aka.ms/IWantMR.

For technical questions, please use Stack Overflow, and tag your questions using either hololens or windows-mixed-reality.

If you want to join in discussions, please do so in the HoloDevelopers Slack, which you can join by going to https://aka.ms/holodevelopers, or in our Microsoft Tech Communities forums at https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/mixed-reality/ct-p/MicrosoftMixedReality.

And always feel free to hit us up on Twitter @MxdRealityDev.

My prediction about the hololens ... and it's pure and simple ...

Soon there won't be enough hololens to go around.

"If that's true, should I buy MSFT stock?" you think.

"Nope" I answer. (Well, if you want to but it's really pointless, and I'm not saying anything against Microsoft, but am seeing things a bit differently than you, because I put on some truth glasses.).

"How do you know, anyway?" you think.

Because right now, I'm a lot, and I mean a LOT smarter than you.

"Smart ass," you so rationally think, "How did you get so smart anyway?"

"I turned on more of my brain." I answer.

Here are a couple simple truths to toss into your confused mind. And your mind is confused, confused with years and years of rational training. Thick books you run to searching for truth have left you in the currently confused state you're in. Years of "do this, not that", "shut up and behave rationally", a whole life time of "don't be yourself, be how we teach you to be".

But you might ask, "What is truth, how will I recognize truth even if I see it?"

I answer, "The truth is pure and simple."

You won't need a thick book of gobbledygook, because how you will recognize truth, is by applying it. And know. the TRUTH is always, when it's truth that is, PURE and SIMPLE. It doesn't require years of training to understand, it doesn't require hours of rational discussion with scholars who talk talk talk talk talk. Nope.

This will be your tool, to pull yourself up out of the confusion that is in your mind and all around you. This will be the tool you use to verify what is true.

The truth is pure and simple.

That is your key to understanding and allowing yourself to moving forward.

But you'll need a basis, a firm foundation on which to stand. You will need this most basic, most simple truth of all (as you struggle with evil) ...

All that is perfect is good.

It's time to plant a seed of perfection in your mind, and let it grow in your minds garden. When it does the weeds of evil won't need to be uprooted, they'll simply die off and go away. Your mind, so naturally and beautifully, and perfectly so, will start nourishing the plant of perfection not the weeds, and the perfect plant will grow into many good things.


Because, all, yes ALL that is perfect is good. And when you plant a perfect seed, you will reap what you sow.

Friends, it's your life .... it's your choice. Step up out of the confusion.

"How will I know he speaks the truth?"

The truth is pure and simple. All that is perfect is good.


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    By the way, I'm still looking for a couple PhD students who have not yet chosen a topic. Whoever gets to me first .... just sayin' ....

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