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About a Depth Image from depth sensor(alignment with color image issue)

edited February 2018 in Questions And Answers

Hi, I'm working on Hololens

I want to get 2 captured images one color and the other depth


I used UNITY_SAMPLE_DEPTH on shader for get depth image,

and Assets(https://forum.unity.com/threads/holographic-photo-blending-with-photocapture.416023/) to capture the image.

I used separate shader for depth images. So the procedure is like this:

After launching the APP, I capture and get color image on Quad obj then save the image(texture2D) to local drive of HoloLens for ".jpg" format.

Then, I change shader for depth image, and capture and save the image again

Finally, I download 2 images via Device Portal, and find those two images are not aligned

Depth images are seems to be zoomed.

Don't know why. Please help

Thank you

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