Object scale in Hololens not matching real world scale, again


I've already posted an issue here concerning the object scale not matching the real world scale. That particular issue was closed due to there actually being a discrepancy between the model and the real world object.

However, further tests with bigger objects revealed that even after measuring, the scale still doesn't match, it just is less noticeable with smaller objects. I measured a table for testing and found the same thing. Even after calibrating my display, it seemed to be short a few centimeters.

I've found some posts here and here which pretty much exhibits the same issue I'm having.

Is there anything I can do about this? How do I adjust for that issue/circumvent it?

Best Answer


  • This happens for me too, the hologram is placed correctly, and the hologram scale is not changed in any of the script in the program (I've also used a floating text with the object scale to be shure about that).
    The real world object is about 7 cm smaller than the 3d model in the hololens I use, in another hololens is 7 cm longer, it seems like a sensor issue, also because from the rs4 the sensor tuning utility is not anymore available in favor of automatic sensor tuning, in fact it happened that one time the hologram fitted the real object perfectly, and after about 20 mins, without changing anything, the hologram was of different size

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