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Dell Visor screen not working when NOT using On-Board graphics as boot adapter for monitor

edited February 2018 in Troubleshooting

So when I first got my headset I didn't have a HDMI to DisplayPort so I ordered one but I wanted to use the headset right away so I enabled on-board graphics and plugged my monitor into that then plugged my headset into my GPU, that worked but only with the VR Portal, my cable came in today and I plugged my monitor into the adapter and my headset into computer. The portal opens and acts like its working - you can hear the sounds, my PC usage goes up, its able to track my room (setting up border) and everything but the headset is black I tried it with integrated graphics turned on and off I also tried reinstalling mixed vr, restarting and everything on the troubleshooting page.


  • Does the adapter have to be 2.0 if only my monitor is being plugged into it?

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