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Galaxy Explorer - Audio popping?

Does anyone else hear audio pops and clicks in Galaxy Explorer? It seems to occur with just about every syllable when the narrator is speaking.

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  • It's the Galaxy Explorer from the store. I'm beginning to think that my device is defective as there are issues with other apps that I'm experiencing that others don't. How do I get the exchange process started?

  • wintermootwintermoot ✭✭
    edited June 2016

    I'm getting this on multiple apps (even after the first flight os update fyi). Quitting some background apps like the cortana listener helped to mitigate it. If you watch the performance profile there is a strong correlation between incidences of the audio crackle and the CPU being pegged.

  • @GTruss,
    Do you hear the pop/click sounds if you use a set of headphones (plug them into the jack on the arm opposite the power button)?


  • @GTruss,
    If you believe you have a defective HoloLens, please reach out to our support team. Scroll down on the page and you should see "contact HoloLens support".


  • @wintermoot Thanks for the help. I wasn't able to determine a correlation between the CPU and audio pops, but it would make sense because there is almost always crackling/static in GE when switching between views (Galaxy to Solar System to Planets and back), which I would think increases CPU, GPU or HPU (or all three) activity. I'm not able to kill the Cortana Listener as when I kill it in the Device Portal it starts back up again automatically. Do you know of way to keep the service from restarting (without removing the app all together)? Is there a Services Manager on the HL that I'm not seeing?

    @DavidKlineMS Thanks for the troubleshooting advice, David. I did not hear any audio pops while the narrator was speaking while wearing the headphones, however the crackling and static while changing views did still occur. Here's a summary of my quick tests:

    I started GE without headphones and the narrator voice kept popping constantly. I plugged in the headphones while still running GE, the popping stopped. I unplugged the headphones, GE still running, and there was no more popping.

    Now, when I restart GE there's no narrator popping. I rebooted the HL, restarted GE and no popping. I triggered a Cortana search ("hey cortana weather"), restarted GE and no popping. As of right now, I'm unable to get it to produce the narrator popping. However, the static sound between views does persist.

    I'm not sure if that helps you guys figure out what was going on. I'm going to try more things to reproduce the pops, and experiment with using headphones in other apps to see if that helps the other issues as well.

  • @HakonS Thanks for the info, Hakon. Will see if I can figure out a way to reliably and easily repro the static too.

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