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W/ RIFt & VIVE I can work in UNITY EditorXR, Why NOT w/ WMR+Odyssey?

If YOU go into UNITY Build Settings, Select Universal Windows Platform, then try to run EditorXR, IT FAILS! (I assume regardless of WMR HMD brand.)
That's fine, I could just run EditorXR in UNITY PC Standalone mode, (and using the Steam VR SDK) EXCEPT, it shows VIVE controllers! What is needed, is a WMR or SAMSUNG Prefabs SDK to drag in for EditorXR to work with,.. Something like the WMR UNITY Camera.Parent in the Academy tutorials, but with the actual (in my case) Samsung Odyssey controller models,..
Any help very welcome. (If you try to help I APPRECIATE IT! but please don't point me to WMR Prefabs that have not been checked with EditorXR, I use EditorXR daily (when I can run it!) and it would be ideal to do so with the Samsungs resolution,..

Thank you.


  • WoodyWoody
    edited February 2018

    WOW! I think they noticed what I said about MR apps being hard to find especially Free ones! I just went into store and there was a huge link for them front and center!
    ALSO, I think I got an Update : I think the Controllers have a New Look in CLIFF HOUSE, Can anyone confirm? I thought they used to look Dark Grey but they now look BLACK and GLOSSY, ALSO There is light under the stairs, ALSO if I press the Thumbstick in and in a direction I can MOVE instead of TELEPORT! Cool.. Heads out over the ocean!! :)

  • oh and the controllers work much better now too, I forgot to mention, even the,.. Over Head stuff (I can move my hand above my head and see the shadow for 3 times longer now, before it loses contact, and regaining position tracking is instant and fluid now, no more waving the device to re-engage,. A lot of improvements this week!

  • WoodyWoody
    edited February 2018

    Improvements or no, this toy is not a tool! No one here can answer the simplest question. This would get an answer in 5 minutes at an Oculus site,.
    OCULUS Must have seen my struggles here with WMR and the Odyssey: On Saturday, instead of Replacement controllers from Samsung - a complete (and completely unexpected) Full RIFT Bundle came in the mail via UPS!
    Oculus must have seen me having trouble WORKING with WMR & Odyssey and decided to pull a developer back into the fold. Perfect!
    The fact I can post 2 separate forum requests for help on how to Work and Develop with WMR in Unity EditorXR and not get a single response, proves to me, this is already a zombie. walking dead.
    Typical Windows, typical Microsoft, typical Samsung. I realized looking into my Rift, the visual are actually better, with the Odyssey I can see a black 'moat' around every pixel, causing more SDE than on the Rift, on which there is hardly any dip in brightness between pixels!

    I'll keep my Odyssey I guess, I have hopes of applying a filter directly over each screen to slightly soften the SDE like people did with the first 2 Rifts! BUT I will work on my light comfy RIFT.


    Robert 'Woody' England from NextworldVR and SchoolHomeVR

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