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Simple fixes to Cliff House that would make it much more usable!

One thing that has bugged me about Cliffhouse since moment one, is I can't get close up to the Windows Menu, I hit windows button, this panel pops up 10 feet away with text I wouldn't even try to read in the real world, I'd get closer rather than squint uncomfortably,.. - but I can't so I can't really use it,.. I've never needed glasses in VR before,. I don't plan to start now. Also, same thing with information popups etc. I get down on my knees to read something like: ''we are updating your controllers don't turn them off!'', but by the time I get there it has gone down through the floor,... I have to stand up and squint... If We could just grab and move these AND /or GET CLOSER TO THEM, All the difference in the world... And if we could do so with the Thumbstick it would be even better, just those two thingns, aim the laser pointer and pull the thumbstick towards you and the Menu or Attn. Message gets closer.. That would be so,. Intuitive,.. To Pull it towards you,..

That way the Hologram translation methods remain the same,...

+'s= I discovered Non-Teleport moving in Cliff house, by pushing down on the thumbstick then forward, Very helpful, I can go over the water now! :~)

+'s= I discovered the Two-'Handed' Hologram Rotating Scale and Placement method tonight and that is VERY COOL!

... I believe there was just a big update, ? my Samsung Odyssey controllers look blacker and shinier, there's light under the steps now,.. and the controllers are working much better across the board,.. YAY!
_** (PRO TIP HERE!) **_ I also just bought a 3 foot USB 3.0 extension cable, plugged in my Gold Plated Bluetooth 4.0 dongle, taped it underneath my desk like 1 inch from the edge, near my starting home position for VR, so there is now 100% ideal communication with the controllers, it seems to help enormously,... Better than hoping it is working ideally _(it wasn't...)_ through a ton of Computer metal and hard drives, desk monitors etc,.

I'm so happy to see how responsive the WMR people are at Microsoft, to updating and improving the WMR experience,. WOW , I thought it would be a 'static' thing and how it was, is how it would be for a very long time,.. BUT I have seen a couple 'suggestions' incorporated almost immediately, and that means the world, especially to someone with a VR Startup (or 2) and wondering if he made to right decision for his main tool.. and.. choice of Environment. ,. I was this morning still 50/50 about keeping my WMR Samsung Odyssey, but now as I end my day I know come Saturday, last day of my return date, I won't be thinking about heading to Best Buy to exchange, but instead in for the ride of a lifetime into the future.]

ALSO! The Revive developer **mentioned to me directly, that he plans to make a Cliffhouse version_ (WMR version..) of Revive,_** so the games that need all the resources they can get, can be played more directly, with less drivers in memory, etc. All very promising,.


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