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Hololense FPS Stuck

Greetings all. So I am currently working on a project with my team and we are trying to get 60fps but are only able to get a solid 40fps. We are displaying an engine that is animating through its cycles. We also have the full hull of the engine around it, but that can be disabled via voice commands. The whole point of the project is to place the engine somewhere in the scene and be able to look at it at every angle.

The Inner engine is at about 197.7k Tris and it is as low as we can get it. I have tried many different optimizations for both mesh, materials and renders but we still can not get it past 40fps. Anyone have any ideas?


  • 197k tris is a bit high. You probably won't get 60fps with that.

    You could try Holographic remoting if you don't mind being somewhat tied to a machine running Unity.

    Otherwise maybe LOD's (level of detail)? Perhaps a low res mesh for seeing the entire engine and then zoom into higher LODs for specific parts or sides of the machine?

    And then make sure you are using the simpliest shader/setup possible. No lighting, unlit texture or color. Something along those lines.


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